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What is a Muslim?

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Muslim Schoolgirls

Shahada….Salat….Zakat…..Sawm…..Hajj. Each of those five pillars are THE most important to Islam. They are associated with the people known as Muslims. What’s a Muslim, you ask? Well, I’ll explain. A Muslim is a person who follows the religion known as Islam, the second-largest religion in the world. Islam is an extremely beautiful religion because it teaches about our prophets, when/where it first started, how it continued to spread across the world. I remember when I first started to convert to Islam. To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult for me. I learned about my holy book known as the Quran. My dad first taught me the last surah or chapter of the Quran. Obviously, I didn’t know about the translation, but I’m very good with all of the Arabic words. At school, when I first started wearing the hijab or veil, I felt a little nervous at first, but then I started to feel more confident with it on. It shows that I’m representing myself as a Muslim, connecting to my faith! There weren’t any problems at school and nobody disrespected me, which is very good! Throughout the rest of my 8th grade year, I continued to wear it, showing that I’m not afraid to express a part of who I truly am! I will never hide my identity! I will still be true to myself! I AM NOT AFRAID!!! I’M A TRUE MUSLIM!!!!

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